Dearborn Mid-West Launches Intellilube Lubrication System

19 Nov 2013

Centro Tecnológico, Tekniker-IK4, Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain

Dearborn Mid-West Co. (DMW) recently introduced its Intellilube single-point lubrication brand and accessory product line to the automotive and manufacturing industries. Intellilube automatically dispenses premeasured lubricant at a constant rate to avoid damage from manually overfilling and underfilling, which helps to reduce costly repairs and production downtime. Dispensing can be programmed from one to 12 months, with temperature setting ranges from minus 4 to 131 degrees F. The system is compatible with all NGLI greases and oils as well as …


Dearborn Mid-West Launches Intellilube Lubrication System

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