Lubrication Management launches new sections with technical documentation available

24 Jul 2014
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On its website Lubrication Management has posted a repository of technical documentation produced by the researchers of its laboratories, which have over 30 years’ experience in the area of industrial lubricants.

On the website these technical articles have been classified into three sections and are the ones in which Lubrication Management specialises: “Lubricating Oil Analysis”, “Consultancy” and “Education and Training”.

The technical articles posted in the section on “Lubricating Oil Analysis” cover subjects relating to the main problems associated with maintenance through oil analysis. Examples are “Oil analyses as a tool for improving wind turbines” and “Spot analysis”, among others.

In the “Consultancy” section, the technical articles cover programmes and methods that allow good practice and excellence in lubrication to be achieved.

Finally, under the section on “Education and Training” technical articles geared towards maintenance and monitoring practices in connection with lubricating oils are made available to users. They include the technical articles on the “Remaining Useful Life of Turbines” or “Insoluble Particles in Gas Turbines”.


Further information

Each of the technical documentation sections on the Lubrication Management website can be accessed here.

Section “Lubricating Oil Analysis”

Section “Consultancy”

Section “Education and Training”



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