What benefits does oil analysis for the maintenance of a turbine?

28 Jan 2016
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How long does the machine’s oil last? This often-asked question is always followed by the same answer: “it depends”. The oil chosen must be correct, as well as its handling, care, etc.

In steam and gas turbines, in general, we are talking about long-duration oils (from 15 to 30 years in steam turbines and up to 5 in the case of gas turbines). These machines are characterised by their high investment and operation costs. Therefore, it is important to detect, identify and diagnose any problems as soon as possible.

In addition, due to the high capacity of their oil tanks (from 3,000 to 80,000 litres), it becomes more important that it is in optimal conditions as the change is expensive and complicated.

Thus, following the recommendations of most turbine manufacturers, carrying out a routine oil analysis as a predictive-proactive tool is the best way to guarantee an adequate operation of the plant, minimising the risk and economic impact of a premature stoppage or failure.

Lubrication Management recommends the “Hydraulic Oil (Programme F1)” basic programme to keep the turbines in the best working conditions.

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