Six experts in lubrication, maintenance and reliability, keynote speakers in LUBMAT 2016

04 Feb 2016
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The fifth edition of the LUBMAT congress on lubrication, maintenance and tribology, to be held on 7 and 8 June 2016 at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao, will have six plenary session involving the participation of experts in the field of lubrication, maintenance and reliability.

The plenary sessions will be directly related to the main themes of the conference: the management of lubrication, lubricants and special fluids, reliability and asset management, condition monitoring and tribology.

Keynote speakers in LUBMAT 2016

Representatives from multinationals such as Honda, Repsol and Noria will analyse the importance of lubricants in different applications.


Kenji Matsumoto, the representative from Honda, will present a talk entitled “Oil Film Thickness Calculation Based on EHL Theory” within the theme of “Tribology”.

Luis Fernández Ruiz-Morón from REPSOL will talk about “Fuel Economy Lubricants” as part of the theme of “lubricants and special fluids”.

The representative from VTT, Kenneth Holmberg, will present a paper entitled “Impact of friction and wear on global energy consumption in transportation and industry” within the topic of “Tribology”.

The talk “Going beyond condition monitoring to improve reliability” linked to the concept of “Condition monitoring” will be given by Jason Tranter from MOBIUS.

And finally, Jim Fitch from Noria and Ulf Obkircher from The Linde Group will present the talks “Deploying a Lubricant Zone Inspection Strategy for Early Lubricant and Machine Fault Detection” in relation to “Lubrication management” and “Motivation for Lubrication Management in Linde Gas” within the “Reliability and asset management” theme, respectively.

For further information visit the official LUBMAT 2016 website.

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