Maintenance through oil analysis


Oil analysis as an industrial maintenance tool began to be applied in specific industry sectors in the 1950s, and has gradually been adopted as a method for early failure detection in complex equipment such as gas turbines.

Currently, the development of laboratory equipment and innovation in maintenance practices have made oil analysis an essential method for many industrial sectors due to its benefits.

A good maintenance programme based on oil analysis determines the condition of the equipment and the condition of the oil in use, since it detects contamination and degradation of the oil itself before these circumstances cause the equipment to fail.

In this way, and thanks to a well-managed maintenance programme, companies can avoid the costs of spare parts, premature replacement of the oil and, of course, the unscheduled outages that lead to major problems for the company.

Lubrication Management recommends analysing the lubricating oil to maintain the equipment in optimal conditions for performance.

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