Bureau Veritas acquires the IK4-TEKNIKER industrial lubrication unit

08 Jan 2018
  • The French multinational company will keep the European headquarters of its global division of industrial oils analysis in Eibar
  • The business, which up until now operated under the Lubrication Management brand, has a workforce of 26 people
  • Bureau Veritas and IK4-TEKNIKER embark on a strategic alliance to work on R&D in the area of predictive maintenance by means of lubricant analysis


The French multinational company Bureau Veritas has acquired the IK4-TEKNIKER industrial lubrication business unit. The agreement, signed last week at the technology centre facilities in Eibar, includes the commitment to keep what will from now on be the European headquarters of Bureau Veritas’ global division of industrial oils analysis in the Basque Country.

The business, which up until now operated under the Lubrication Management brand, has a workforce of 26 people and is considered one of the best equipped laboratories in Europe. Originating in the Eibar Armoury School 37 years ago, IK4-TEKNIKER’s advanced technological services in integrated lubrication management have been present from the very roots of the centre itself, and currently include analysis services for lubricating oils, advice on the overall management of lubrication, diagnosing causes of failure and specialised training in lubrication management.

Knowing the status of both the oil and the equipment is becoming more and more important in industrial environments in order to avoid, in a proactive manner, possible failure due to inadequate lubrication and to diagnose the status of equipment through the analysis of the lubricant in use. The know-how developed by IK4-TEKNIKER over the last few years in this area has positioned Lubrication Management as one of the leading laboratories in the sector on a European level.

This is technology which is in need of immediate international implementation in order to continue growing and, consequently, Bureau Veritas, world leader in testing, inspection and certification services, will now use their global presence to promote their services. The experience and technologies developed by IK4-TEKNIKER for the analysis of oils for wind power turbines, oils for transformers and greases is the ideal complement for the experience that Bureau Veritas already has in the monitoring of oils.

The operation is a success for IK4-TEKNIKER seeing that, as well as attracting foreign investment in the Basque Country, it has managed to keep the decision centre, the work places, the technological equipment and a business with a clear vocation for internationalisation in Eibar. Thus, a successful trajectory is confirmed in which, over the years, the acquisition of specialised knowledge and continuous contact with the market has culminated in an operation of these characteristics.

In fact, the agreement between both entities is to go beyond the acquisition of Lubrication Management, as Bureau Veritas and IK4-TEKNIKER have the intention of embarking upon a strategic alliance centred on research and development by means of lubricant analysis.

“Bureau Veritas’ ambition is to be recognised in 2020 as a world leader in the monitoring of oil condition. The acquisition of Lubrication Management is a significant milestone in our implementation of this growth initiative”, highlighted Didier Michaud Daniel, Executive Director of Bureau Veritas.

“A world leader in 2020”

“This acquisition is framed within our commitment to collaborations which are aimed at maximising the operational performance of clients through value-added services and data management”, he stated.

The operation has also been very positively valued by Jesús Terradillos, Lubrication Management’s Director of Technology Services: “This is a new and exciting phase for Lubrication Management, because at both entities we share essential values such as quality, excellence in service and experience”.

“From now on, our clients will find a continuity experience and excellent customer service, endorsed by a leading global company which is synonymous with high quality, professionalism and integrity”, he added.

About Lubrication Management

IK4-TEKNIKER’s lubrication management Unit is internationally recognised in areas such as the analysis of oils and industrial fluids, monitoring and data capture and “condition monitoring”.

Lubrication management combines advanced technologies and experience in order to maximise maintenance returns, increasing the availability of assets, extending their life and reducing operational costs.

During its trajectory within IK4-TEKNIKER, Lubrication Management has offered these services to clients located in different geographical areas for more than 35 years.

About Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services. Created in 1828, the group has 74,000 employees located in 1,400 offices and laboratories all over the world.

Bureau Veritas helps its clients to improve their performance by offering innovative services and solutions in order to ensure that their assets, products, infrastructure and processes comply with the standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Bureau Veritas is listed at Euronext Paris and belongs to the index Next 20.

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