Good practices: analysis program for grease in service

11 Oct 2016
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An analysis program for greases in service must include the appropriate analyses to cover the following diagnoses:

  • Wear
  • Consistency
  • Contamination
  • Oxidation


Figure. Analysis diagnosis sections for greases in service

Taking into account the limitations due to the small amount of grease that it is possible to obtain from the various bearings, the analysis program must be very balanced, providing a large amount of information on the behaviour of the grease with a small number of tests to determine the condition of the grease from different points of view: wear, contamination, deterioration (oxidation) and consistency.

Recommended analyses in the different analysis programs for greases in use:


Tests on greases in use Diagnosis Basic program Advanced program
Appearance Contamination/Oxidation X X
Water content Contamination X X
Metals Contamination/Wear X X
Concentration of wear particles Wear X X
Ferrography Wear X
Extrusion Consistency X X
Rheology Consistency X
Worked and unworked cone penetration Consistency X
Remaining life Oxidation X
Oxidation due to IR Oxidation X X
Quantity of sample necessary   2g 2g

Analyse the condition of grease in service using our GR program for lubricant greases.

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