19 IK4-TEKNIKER – Lubrication Management technicians certified as experts in industrial lubrication

26 Oct 2017
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Both organisations that are well established in a market and those that have recently been created need the people they do business with, at all levels, to have confidence in their expertise. Given this need, certification is the key to strengthening their role, providing a tool to boost competitiveness when it is based on recognised documents.

In this regard, 19 technicians from the IK4-TEKNIKER – Lubrication Management Industrial Analysis laboratory have recently obtained different official certifications as lubrication experts, endorsed by the ICML (International Council for Machinery Lubrication), an international certifying body which provides independent certifications for lubrication professionals and verifies their extensive knowledge of lubrication engineering.

The different certifications granted have endorsed the skills and advanced level of knowledge of the Industrial Analysis laboratory technicians in the fields of monitoring of machine condition and lubrication and oil analysis, based on the international standards ISO 18436-4 and ISO 18436-5.

More Specifically, the ICML has granted certifications of Machinery Lubricant Analyst (MLA I, MLA II and MLA III) and Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (LLA I and LLA II).

ICML – certifying body

IICML (International Council for Machinery Lubrication) is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to helping lubrication practitioners succeed in their professional careers. Its certification examinations are in accordance with ISO 18436 and are available worldwide in several languages.

Our certifications:

Name Certification
Jorge Alarcon B. MLA I, MLA II, MLA III
Irune Arizmendiarrieta LLA II, MLA I
Estibaliz Askasibar Ardantza LLA II
Jose Ignacio Bayón Vegas MLA I, MLA II
Nerea Cendoya Beitia LLA II
Jose Ignacio Ciria MLA I, MLA II
Sarai Garrido Elustondo LLA II
Marcos Gil Calvo MLA I, MLA II
Nagore Goicoechea Maiztegui LLA I
Yesid Antonio Gómez MLA I, MLA II
Vanesa Gonzáles González LLA II
Leire Legaristi Litago LLA II
Adolfo Málaga MLA I, MLA II
Laura Molinero Sanz LLA II
Asier Osoro Urizar LLA II
Eneritz Tambo Lazkano LLA II
Jesus Terradillos A. MLA II
Leire Urrutia B. LLA I
Igone Villalba Bajeneta LLA I, LLA II

*MLA: Machine Lubricant Analyst (Levels I, II and III) (ISO 18436-4, I)

*LLA: Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (Levels I and II) (ISO 18436-5)

Extensive training provided by IK4-TEKNIKER – Lubrication Management

In addition to offering lubricant oil analysis and advice in the field of lubrication management, the team of specialists at IK4-TEKNIKER – Lubrication Management also offer a complete training programme suitable for the needs of industrial companies and with the possibility of preparation for obtaining ICML Certificates.

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