Lubrication Management participates in a seminar about maintenance practices and industrial lubrication

29 Aug 2016
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To promote industrial maintenance and lubrication best practices in Guatemala. This is the objective of the Latin American Maintenance and Lubrication Seminar organised for the fourth time by STLE Latin America (Latin American Society of Lubrication and Tribology Engineers) on 1 and 2 September 2016.

This fourth international congress will address issues related to the implementation of ISO 55000 and ISO 18436 standards, managing world-class condition monitoring, managing asset maintenance and management, increasing machine reliability and reducing emergency stops in order to operate with less risk, among other topics.

IK4-TEKNIKER – Lubrication Management participates with a presentation entitled “Maintenance 4.0: Reliability and predictive maintenance strategy in the factory of the future”, which addresses the benefits and advantages of integrating specialist knowledge in condition monitoring with data processing. All this through the use and application of data processing tools, predictive analytics integration, the prognosis or prediction of failures or potential future events based on the behaviour of the machine, inclusion of the Big Data concept, as well as the tangibility and measurement of results within a specified time.

The congress will be attended by professional profiles in maintenance, operations, purchasing and the academic world, professors and engineering students and administration.


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