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19 Feb 2014
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If the reader makes use of www.lubrication-management.com, he or she will already be aware of the difference that good lubrication of industrial equipment can make. The problem is that, despite the great advances that have taken place in this field, many industries still fail to give it the importance it really deserves.

This is why Lubrication Management is offering a whole range of training courses. The first is an introduction to lubrication geared towards professionals in the industrial lubrication sector to enable them to acquire the basics and take their first steps in this matter, a key aspect in terms of competitiveness and cost control. The course, entitled Fundamentals of Lubrication and Machinery Lubrication, has been designed in such a way that it can adapt to the client’s specific needs.

The course is run on the client’s premises during one working day for a group of a maximum of 10 people and includes content of interest for maintenance professionals, operations professionals, reliability officers and even lubrication technicians.

The content? Key aspects in lubrication and machine reliability, oils and greases, basics of lubrication and on-site inspections. The aim is to enable personnel whose work is linked to lubrication to become familiar with the basics so that they can implement them in their professional work.

This course is part of the LubTec-3 programme, comprising courses on Handling, sample taking and contamination monitoring and Relubrication and monitoring of electric motors, in addition to the Fundamentals of Lubrication.

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