Preditec and IK4-TEKNIKER join forces to offer training services in the field of industrial lubrication


The Aragon company specialising in vibration analysis, Preditec, will add specialist industrial maintenance and lubrication training courses to its 2017 service portfolio, which the IK4-TEKNIKER Basque Country Technological Centre will deliver through its Lubrication Management division.

Lubrication Management is the brand that represents IK4-TEKNIKER’s advanced technological services in the field of integrated lubrication management, and includes testing services for lubricating oils, advice on the overall management of lubrication, diagnosing causes of failure and education and training.

The collaboration agreement signed by both entities is indefinite and aims to expand the Aragon firm’s training services, as well as strengthen the technology centre’s links with a leading company in the field of inspection, maintenance, assistance and reliability.

“By establishing this collaborative framework, Preditec can meet the demand for training and services in the area of lubrication, while at the same time strengthen its relationship with a leading company in the area of vibration analysis,” says the Deputy Director of IK4-TEKNIKER’s Technology Services, Jorge Alarcon.

Under the agreement, the Lubrication Management experts will offer a series of three-day seminars throughout the year to address issues such as lubrication for world-class machinery, managing a lubrication programme and analysing wear particles and oil degradation.

The courses, which will be held in Zaragoza and in the technology centre’s facilities in the town of Eibar in the Gipuzkoa Province, aim to provide a deeper understanding of lubrication management as a key element for implementing predictive maintenance strategies that will extend the life of the equipment.

The progressive sophistication of these lubricants has made these compounds an essential element for ensuring the correct operation of the machinery, as well as for products that detect faults and for monitoring the status of the machines.

Within this discipline, IK4-TEKNIKER is an international leader in maintenance, in analysing industrial oils and fluids, product reliability, information monitoring and acquisition, and support for decision making.

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