Lubricating grease appearance, colour, texture and smell


Appearance, colour, texture and smell are natural indicators of the condition of lubricating greases. These attributes can be related to the presence of compounds that can be found in the grease and that lead to it losing its properties.

The condition of grease can be determined by:

  • The colour of the grease used should be compared to the colour of the new grease.
  • The colour can indicate correct product application, contamination, oxidation, etc.
  • The texture of the grease used can indicate the presence of contaminants (dirt/dust, contains residues, water, oxidised grease).
  • Spreading a thin layer on a white ceramic tile can be very useful.
  • The smell can say a lot about how the product is used.
  • The smell of oxidation, additive depletion or contamination can help indicate what other tests should be carried out.

Lubrication Management recommends analysing the lubricating greases to maintain the equipment in optimal conditions for performance.

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